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Ag Trucking Introduces New Kenworth T880 Tractors

Ag Trucking recently entered into an agreement with Palmer Trucks Fort Wayne Truck Center to purchase 50 new Kenworth T880 tractors over the next eight months. The new tractors feature Cummins X15 450ST power, disc brakes, KW refrigerators, inverters, TV mounts and Carrier APU’s. The T880 cabs and sleepers have increased headroom and storage space for increased driver comfort.
“We have a driver centric culture, we have the economics, we have the benefits, and now we will have the best equipment in the business for the specific jobs we do,” commented Ag President Tim Boehlke. “For years, word of mouth through current employees has been our best source of new drivers.”
The T880 tractors have a new paint scheme that won a companywide vote by all Ag Trucking employees. The cab and sleeper feature Ag Trucking’s signature cream with the fenders and redesigned stripes painted maroon with metal flake.
The first 2018 T880 tractor was placed in service on September 5th and 15 more scheduled to hit the road over the next 8 weeks. Earlier this year Ag Trucking placed 15 new 2017 T800 KW tractors in service. All together 65 new tractors are entering service a one year period which represents over 40% of the company tractor fleet.
Click here to visit our T880 gallery page to view images of the new tractor.
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Ag Joins the Women In Trucking Association

Ag Trucking, Inc. recently joined the Women In Trucking Association as a corporate member. Based in Plover, WI Women In Trucking was established to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments and minimize obstacles faced by women working in the trucking industry. “Joining Women In Trucking is an opportunity for Ag Trucking to celebrate and promote diversity,” commented Liza Keenoy, Ag Operations Manager, “we employ female drivers and are looking to hire more. Several of us on leadership team are women.”
“Ag Trucking is proud to be a member of Women In Trucking,” said Ag Vice President Casey Stump, “we look forward to being active members in the association.”
Ag Trucking is one of the nation’s premier bulk carriers specializing in food grade liquid and industrial dry bulk service. To learn more about driving positions with Ag Trucking, visit our career page at: Drive 4 Ag

To learn more about the Women In Trucking Association visit their website at: Women In Trucking